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tinytriangleCompany Christmas Parties!
tinytriangleFund Raising “Breakfast with Santa” Events!
tinytriangleChristmas Tree Lightings!
tinytriangleVisits and Photos for your employees' Families!
tinytriangleStorytime with Santa performed for your employees!

Having Santa at your event is a nice way of saying “Thank You” to the people that have made your company great. It lifts their spirits and mood for the coming New Year. We will be more than happy to work with you on having a wonderful Christmas event.

Now is a good time to book before the calendar is full. Many of the events book from year to year so be sure to plan yours early before it's too late.

We will provide additional information on working with Santa and help you plan your event.

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ost Country Clubs hire a Santa, arrange for a photographer and offer their members an opportunity to have family photos taken by appointment. Members love it because they don’t have to stand in the long lines at a local mall. But often the photos still leave something to be desired. It’s difficult to get around the fact that children between the ages of 2½ and 4 years of age are afraid of Santa. This has always been an age old problem.

Santa Steve believes he has found the answer. What if your families had the opportunity to get to know Santa? Children that watch “Storytime with Santa” lose all fear of Santa Claus. During the 45 minute show they laugh, ask questions and develop a relationship with Santa that is impossible to accomplish with a two to five minute chair visit. When they leave the show they are eager to have their photos made with their new friend, Santa. Your members won’t believe the quality of photographs that are taken afterwards. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Offering your members something they can’t find elsewhere.

Whatever the event, your members will love it! A special time at a special place… their Country Club. Let Santa Steve be your Santa this Christmas season.
Call 919-624-0140. Book early before this is full.


Hotels:12x12 >> back to services

tinytriangleTea with Santa
tinytriangle“Storytime with Santa”
tinytriangleEmployee Christmas Parties
tinytriangleSanta Tuck in Service for your Guests
tinytriangle“The Smart Santa”®

The possibilities for Christmas are limitless. Your guest will remember being away from home on Christmas and think about what they experienced in your hotel. Have you ever heard of a hotel with Santa doing storytime in the lobby? How about “The Smart Santa®” that knows their children’s names, ages, and favorite present from last year? Can you imagine their surprise when Santa comes to their room? How do you set yourself apart from the competition? Offer your guests something they can’t find elsewhere…Christmas Magic!


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tinytriangleCombination Parade & Santa Visits!
tinytriangleTree Lightings!
tinytriangleSchools! – Special Pricing – Call

Doesn’t your community deserve Santa Claus? Call us now to set up your event.