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For the Ultimate Christmas Adventure, Santa Steve presents “Storytime with Santa.” During a 45 minute performance, he answers the many questions that children have been asking for years. "How do reindeer fly?" "What happens if we catch you in our house on Christmas Eve?" "How did the reindeer get their names?" "Is Bernard really the head Elf?" "How do fairies help with Christmas?" "What's your favorite cookie?" "All of these questions and more are answered during storytime.

You and your children will experience the wonder of Santa, discover the secrets of the North Pole, and may even feel the excitement of creating snow or collecting fairy dust from real fairies and more! Why, it’s possible, you might even get to see some of the toy prototypes that Santa and his Elves are currently working on. For a most memorable celebration, book Santa Steve's "Storytime with Santa” now!

Total expense for this is only $375.00 due to extra time needed for props.