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How Do You Know My Name?
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You’ve seen it in all the Santa Claus movies. A child walks up to Santa and he knows their name, their age, all about their family, their pets…well, you get the picture. Now through the wonders of technology this truly marvelous Christmas magic can be performed with your children. Using some of the most advanced electronics and a very small ear bud, Santa is hooked up to an assistant that provides the answers to things only Santa would know. The electronics are very important for this effect but the most crucial component is my wife Debra. She is the assistant and she is an absolute wonder at mingling with the parents or party goers. Through careful management and concealment she provides Santa with answers to things that only the real Santa would know. This can be done at large corporate parties, small home parties, and chair lines with children waiting to get their photos made. Just about anywhere Santa goes. As a general rule, it takes three “Santa Qualifiers” for a child to know that they have found the real Santa. Our favorite three “Santa Qualifiers” are: the child’s name, their age, and their favorite gift that Santa brought them last year. You won’t believe the reaction of your children to “The Smart Santa." Bring the wonder back into your Christmas!

To provide this effect requires my assistant and the hourly fee for her is $75.00 per hour in addition to my hourly fee.